Pharis & Jason Romero

 Pharis and Jason are a sentimental anchoring, and the perfect antidote to this sped-up life. Some scratchy old records and a custom banjo led to their meeting in 2007, and they quickly knew they were in for the long haul. They’ve since released six records, toured all over, won two Juno awards and multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and performed on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC’s The Vinyl Cafe.

The sound of their two voices together is quietly show-stopping. The songs are inspired by the world the Romeros live in and the lifestyle they choose, with a powerful dose of the early country and folk they so dearly love. Balancing a bustling boutique banjo business and two young kids with the busy life of active musicians, and the balancing act itself becomes an art form.

Pierre Schryer & Adam Dobres

Experience the magic of this phenomenal Canadian Celtic duo – fiddler Pierre Schryer and guitarist Adam Dobres. Schryer & Dobres have just released a new album called “Mandorla” which features an eclectic array of musical gems from across the globe including traditional and contemporary tunes in various styles from far reaching places including Canada, Ireland, Algeria, Brazil, Quebec, and more. The show will surely delight, as this duo is a tour de force of versatility, fine musicianship and technical dexterity. Together they represent two diverse and successful music careers laden with awards and nominations including JUNO, Canadian Folk Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir

We’re not a choir, we’re a band! But we did start as a choir, performing one-offs at various fundraisers around Winnipeg.  But then we got a bass player! And two guitars! And a glockenspiel!  Did you know that Santana has up to 13 members? What are they up to these days? So yeah, we’re a band, performing predominantly original songs that feature all the things we love: harmony, washboards and dogs.


Woody Holler & His Orchestra

Woody Holler grew up on the Canadian prairie hearing the songs of the cowboy. Although he was classically trained in opera, a sense of nostalgia holds him close to those western roots. Having teamed up with some of Winnipeg’s finest jazz musicians, Woody purveys his own brand of western swing that he defines as “jazz from the saddle.” The performance is reminiscent of a 1940s radio show, with a sound that is nostalgic yet thrilling. The repertoire is eclectic, fun, and fascinating, featuring a dramatic range from the operatic to show-stopping “extreme” yodelling. The band includes Artur Kivilaht on guitar, Daniel Koulack on bass, and Jeremy Penner on violin.

Red Moon Road

 Born in a storm on a wild Canadian lake, Red Moon Road has come into their own on trails between coasts and journeys overseas. From living rooms to folk fest stages, the trio has performed more than 1000 shows since 2012. Evolving from acoustic folk roots, their sound currently integrates Sheena’s powerful vocals with lush pop harmonies and nuanced arrangements that combine percussion, banjo, slide guitar, and synths.  

Following the chart-topping Sorrows and Glories, their Polaris long-listed sophomore album, Red Moon Road marks a return with the upcoming single, Say It Again, an anthem poised to call out the soulless rhetoric of gaslighters in positions of power.