Caliper Lake Provincial Park


Travel south on Highway #71 from the communities of Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls. The Moose n Fiddle Music Festival site, on beautiful Caliper Lake Provincial Park, is just six minutes south of Nestor Falls.

Caliper Lake Provincial Park is a 90-minute drive from Fort Frances (via highway 11 and 71) and 126km from Kenora (via highway 17 and 71). 


We encourage all Festival-goers to wear comfortable, sensible footwear. We ask most able-bodied people to park in the lot that is right beside the maintenance yard at Caliper Lake Provincial Park. Volunteer Gator Drivers go back and forth during the Festival—bringing people to and from the parking lot to the Festival site. The walk from the maintenance yard to the Festival site is “not too long” and we promise there are no big hills to traverse.

The parking lot that is adjacent to the Festival site is for people with disabilities, security, assigned Festival volunteers & staff, and emergency vehicles. This parking lot, right next to the Festival site, has restricted access with a view to using it for loading/offloading during the Moose n Fiddle Festival. The patience and support of all crafters, musicians, and patrons is greatly appreciated.