Midnight Shine


MIDNIGHT SHINE info coming soon.

Leaf Rapids

LEAF RAPIDS info coming soon.

Black River Drifters

BLACK RIVER DRIFTERS info coming soon.

Nice Horse

NICE HORSE info coming soon.

Kitchen Party

KITCHEN PARTY Some of your favourite musicians will jam live onstage. It’s like one great, big outdoor kitchen party! In the spirit of Ceilidhs and Kitchen Parties (so common to the East Coast of Canada) we are bringing the finest players to the stage to perform together at the Moose n Fiddle Fest. Ever wonder how many people and instruments you can squeeze into a kitchen, or in this case, the Moose n Fiddle stage? The rhythm of life, on the east coast, is defined by such gatherings. Feel its pulse come to life during a square dance as you step to the jigs and rollicking reels.