Midnight Shine


MIDNIGHT SHINE They came together by chance. They stayed together for a shot.

When Adrian Sutherland from Attawapiskat was offered opening spot for Trooper in Timmins, he reeled in some Northern Ontario musicians to form temporary band Midnight Shine. Their intention was to make the most of this one-off performance. Eight years, six radio singles, three albums, and 200+ media stories later… you could say they have.

Turning heads with a sound that seamlessly mixes roots, classic and modern rock, Midnight Shine’s music is anchored by eloquent lyrics and heartfelt vocals that share a glimpse of life in the far North. They’re a must-hear band you’ll take a real shine to…

Leaf Rapids

LEAF RAPIDS Each of the album’s 10 songs spins out a thread, binding history and identity to time and place. Threads that crossed oceans, stretched from Kyoto to Iceland’s wind-whipped northern coast, tangled in the heart of the Canadian prairie. Stories of lives that crept forward in boats across the water, lunches packed in liquor-store bags and battered suitcases bursting at their seams. There is an openness on this record. There is space. It spans out like the vastness between stars. The liquid silver of Keri’s voice spills over a brushed snare, a Theremin trill, an acoustic guitar; all are given room to speak fully. Maybe it’s partly that they recorded Keri’s vocals first, an approach she’d never tried before, either as Leaf Rapids or her previous incarnation as part of Juno Award-winning alt-country quartet Nathan.

Black River Drifters

BLACK RIVER DRIFTERS Winnipeg’s Black River Drifters draw on the past but push the boundaries of alt-country/roots rock. Their two albums have won praise from fans and critics alike, and their raucous live show appeals to music lovers from all walks of life.
Often compared to Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams and The Old 97s, BRD’s debut album Hearts Gone Cold received praise from local and national press when it was released in 2015, and early reviews of their second album Drive by Feel are even stronger. In the words of the Winnipeg Free Press’ Jeff Monk the “hard folk sound and darker lyrical subject matter reveals a mature feel… a whole new realm of listenability.”

Nice Horse

NICE HORSE is what happens when four bold, brilliant and badass women get together to raise a little hell – and play a little music at the same time. This Alberta-based band, made up of Brandi Sidoryk (bass, vocals), Katie Rox (guitar, banjo, vocals), Tara McLeod (electric guitar), and Krista Wodelet (drums, vocals), is out to turn the tables on the country music world and show the guys that they can rock – and party – just as hard. Sure, there are plenty of strong female country artists in Daisy Dukes out there, but try to name another self-contained unit that plays their own instruments and writes songs as potent as “Jim, Jack, Johnie & Jose”, the band’s roof-raising single “Pony Up”, and the new feminist anthem “Mansplainin”.

Kitchen Party

KITCHEN PARTY Some of your favourite musicians will jam live onstage. It’s like one great, big outdoor kitchen party! In the spirit of Ceilidhs and Kitchen Parties (so common to the East Coast of Canada) we are bringing the finest players to the stage to perform together at the Moose n Fiddle Fest. Ever wonder how many people and instruments you can squeeze into a kitchen, or in this case, the Moose n Fiddle stage? The rhythm of life, on the east coast, is defined by such gatherings. Feel its pulse come to life during a square dance as you step to the jigs and rollicking reels.