Charlie Madden + Friends


SIOUXPERBOAT  is a folk-rock group playing homegrown songs inspired by country living on the Canadian shield. Hailing from Sioux Narrows, SuperBoat is Charlie Madden (guitar, vocals), Jake Blosser (banjo, backing vocals) and Marc Valentini (drums).

Carly Dow

Friday, August 16 at 7PM

CARLY DOW writes beguiling, clever songs and delivers them with insight and a powerful voice pulled from the place where grit meets beauty.  Hailing from Manitoba, she delivers songs of the heart and its wide open spaces that’ll give you the nudge you need to embrace the wild – surrounding and within.

Carly’s style of wildcrafted folk – propelled by guitar and clawhammer banjo – has garnered international acclaim for its vivid imagery and enchanting melodies.  Her debut album, Ingrained, was toured extensively and rose into the National Top 10 folk/roots/blues charts, as did her sophomore album, Comet, which was recently released in late 2019.

Dow is a talent. There is nothing, not a chord or note that you won’t really really love – 9/10 — Americana uk

Coco Love Alcorn

Friday, August 16 at 8:15pm

COCO LOVE ALCORN has always followed her spirit, but never so literally as with her latest album, Wonderland. The songs spring from her personal journey, but true to her nature, Coco offers a universal interpretation that invites all listeners to jump in and sing along.

“Throughout my career I have explored across many genres, collaborations and projects, taking a windy path to get to here. But I have loved every step of my journey and trusted my inner curiosity to take me where it wanted to go. I always thought my end game was to invent a new genre or create a brand new sound, to somehow mash it all elegantly together. 

It wasn’t till I took a step back and a break from touring that a new idea came. After all those years of thinking I was chasing down a sound it turns out I was searching for the right feeling. That feeling is connection; connection with the listener, the moment, the music and the spirit. 

Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir

Friday, August 16 at 9:30PM

FU FU CHI CHI CHOIR – Hailing from Winnipeg, The Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir is a group of badass women creating theatrical, resonant folk music that always tells the truth. You may have seen them at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Winnipeg Fringe, The Harvest Moon Festival, the Moose n Fiddle Music Festival, and Forty Winks. Recently they performed with improv troupe Outside Jake and were involved with the Noise Complaint fundraiser, a response to the election of this jerk in the states.

Band members include: Michelle Boulet, Dora Carroll, Sarah Constible, Claire Friesen, Liz Quesnel, Jan Skene, Jane Testar, Alissa Watson, and Melanie Whyte